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Magic Carpet Learning is an independent tutoring center, not a franchise. 

What’s the difference?

Since Magic Carpet Learning is small, we have a very personal relationship with each child and parent. You are always interacting with the same person, the owner, who is also an experienced teacher.   

Unlike the big franchises, we do not use a “one size fits all” curriculum.  At Magic Carpet Learning, every child has a custom-made curriculum. 

What if two children are in the same grade and need help with the same subject, for example, reading?  

They will still have their own customized curriculum because they are two different people, and everyone learns differently. Since no two children are on exactly the same reading or math level, why should their curriculum be the same?

If you go to a big tutoring center, your child may have a different teacher and a different schedule every week.  Children need consistency and a teacher who knows them well. At Magic Carpet Learning, your child will have the same teacher and the same schedule every week. 

Your child’s teacher will also meet with you every few months for a parent-teacher conference. This is a wonderful opportunity to look at all of your child’s work and to discuss any concerns that you might have.  It is also a great time to set future academic goals.

Magic Carpet Learning is open all year round, including the summer. 


We offer one-on-one tutoring in:

  • Reading K-12th grade
  • Writing K-12th grade
  • Math K-4th grade
  • Early Reading Skills for 4 year olds

Who comes to us?

Although many of our students have dyslexia, language processing disorders, or ADHD, Magic Carpet Learning is not exclusively for children with learning disabilities. Some students simply need to brush up on their multiplication facts or polish their essay writing skills. Many middle and high school students do not know the fundamentals of grammar. As a result, they are not faring well in classes such as English and history, both of which demand strong writing skills. One-on-one instruction with a teacher who is also a published author can help tremendously.