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Our Approach

Research has shown that children understand and retain new concepts better when they are presented in a multisensory fashion.  At Magic Carpet Learning, we use an Orton-Gillingham-based multisensory approach. This is a dynamic methodology and as every parent and teacher knows, children learn best when they are excited and engaged.

Does your child lack confidence? A poor self-concept and lack of confidence in one’s own abilities are at the core of many learning difficulties.

We all talk to ourselves when we are performing a task, and the effect of this “self talk” is powerful, particularly when we are attempting a new and difficult task. We either encourage or discourage ourselves, albeit unconsciously, and perform accordingly.

Confident people say things to themselves such as, “Let me take another look at the directions,” “Okay, this is starting to make sense now,”  “I think this is how you do it,” and “Let me try it this way.”  Contrast such gentle encouragement with the scathing internal “tape” heard by someone with a poor self-concept. “This doesn’t make any sense,” “I don’t get it,” “I’m never going to figure this out,” and “I can’t do this” are just some of the discouraging remarks that often form the internal dialogue of people who lack confidence.

At school, children are constantly presented with new tasks, many of them new and intimidating.  Although children often feel pressure to perform, they feel less nervous and perform better when they learn how to encourage, rather than discourage themselves. At Magic Carpet Learning, we teach children how to change their internal “tape,” which helps them build their confidence as well as their academic skills.

Attention is another significant factor that affects a child’s academic performance. Is your child easily distracted?  If so, working in a group can be difficult. The ideal learning environment is one-on-one instruction and at Magic Carpet Learning, that is what we do.  All children receive individual instruction.


"My daughter loves going to Magic Carpet every week, and she is growing tremendously in both her reading and writing. She is also less anxious." – Brandy R.